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  • Kansas City Symphony to Perform at Lansing High School on Nov. 4

    As part of the Bill and Peggy Lyons Support School Music program, the Kansas City Symphony will perform a concert at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 4 to benefit...

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  • VIDEO: The Kansas City Symphony presents 'Mysterioso'

    David Sandy, producer of the upcoming Mysterioso: A Magical Night concert, showcases a quick magic trick on Kansas City Live!

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  • FOX-4: ‘Mysterioso — A Magical Night’ makes its way to the Kauffman Center

    The Kansas City Symphony presents "Mysterioso - A Magical Night," which is a mixture of magic and music!

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  • The Symphony, the COMPANY MEN to Perform at Midland Nov. 8

    The Kansas City Symphony and the COMPANY MEN will be featured together at the 20th anniversary concert, "The Rhythm of Our Heart," to celebrate Saint Luke's...

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  • VIDEO: World Series Bet to San Francisco Symphony

    The Kansas City Symphony and Music Director Michael Stern have a fun little message for the San Francisco Symphony for Game 7 of the World Series...

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