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Leaving a Legacy

Sempre Society

The Sempre Society

Bequests and planned gifts, also known as deferred gifts, allow people who are passionate about the Symphony and its future to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit generations to come.

The Kansas City Symphony is tremendously grateful to those donors who think about the Symphony when they make their estate plans. If you notify the Symphony of a planned gift provision, including gifts through estate plans or life-income arrangements, we welcome you into The Sempre Society.

Become a member of The Sempre Society and share your passion with new generations of music lovers. Learn more about ways to make planned gifts.

By informing the Kansas City Symphony of your estate plans,

  • You encourage others to leave a legacy
  • You allow us to honor you during your lifetime
  • You make it possible for the Symphony to plan for its future

Members of The Sempre Society enjoy exclusive benefits, such as special events and donor acknowledgement, as well as the financial benefits planned gifts may provide to heirs.

For more information on planned or deferred gifts and how to join The Sempre Society,
please contact Llewellyn Crain, Director of Development, at (816) 218-2646.

Always consult with your attorney and financial advisor prior to making any financial decisions.


Members of The Sempre Society (as of July 1, 2011)

Myrtle Bales +
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bernard, Sr.
Barton P. Cohen +
Russell Correll
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Craig
Morton and Una Creditor
Don and Patricia Dagenais
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Durwood
Frank Lott +
Gary D. Harms
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.
Ms. Joan Horan
Helen T. Hummel +
Ms. Becky Huskisson
Nancy L. Kain
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Kingsley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kipp
Jeanne Fish Levy
Howard H. Fitch +
John and Wendy Marvin
Francis Medaris
JoAnn Meierhoff +
Mrs. G.M. Mulhern +
Dr. Robin L. Onikul
Lyman and Sally Ott
Dr. Ron and Donna Patton
Damon Shelby Porter, in honor of Roy Kenneth and Yvonne Porter
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Powell III
Dr. mary Jo Rahatz
Ann T. Reed
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Spencer
Richard J. Stern +
Marilyn and William B. Taylor
Kaleen Tiber
Mr. and Mrs. John Dodds Turner

+ deceased