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Symphony Society Donors


Andrei Muresan, Annette Bloch and Symphony executive director, Frank Byrne

Andrei Muresan, Annette Bloch and
Symphony executive director, Frank Byrne
at a Symphony Society event.

Anonymous Jill and Don Hall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.
Mr.† and Mrs. R. Crosby Kemper, Jr.
Dana Seeley
Vera and Mike Seeley
John and Marny Sherman

COMPOSER'S CIRCLE $50,000 - $99,999

Ann and G. Kenneth Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brandmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Min Kao/Kao Family Foundation
James M. Kemper
Bill and Peggy Lyons
Jean and Tom McDonnell

MUSICIAN'S CIRCLE $25,000 - $49,999

Music director Michael Stern, John Kornitzer, and Tom and Betty Scott at a Symphony Society event.

Music director Michael stern,
John Kornitzer, and Tom and Betty Scott
at a Symphony Society event.

Annette Bloch and Andrei Muresan
Charles and Virginia Clark
Dr. Mary Davidson
Cary and Pam DeCamp
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dees & Family
Steve and Linda Dees & Family
Howard and Anne Elsberry
J. Scott Francis and Susan Gordon
J.B. and Anne Hodgdon
Dr. Roger and Sandy Jackson
Ford and Christine Maurer
Ms. Sherrill A. Mulhern
Sarah and Landon Rowland,
     Ann and Josh Rowland,
     Jennifer and Matthew Rowland,
     Liza and Guy Townsend
Mrs. Betty Scott

BRAVURA CIRCLE $10,000 - $24,999

Vince Clark & Kathy Barney

Vince Clark & Kathy Barney

Terry and Zulema Bassham
Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
Vince and Julie Clark
Bunni and Paul Copaken
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cross
William and Dorothy Curry
John and Jane Davis
Ann Dickinson
Mary and John M. Edgar
Sue Ann Richard Fagerberg
Donald Flora and Janet Stallmeyer
Gary and Sherry Forsee
Julie Gerson
Mr. Donald J. Hall, Sr.
Robert and Nancy Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haverty
Charles M. Helzberg and Sandra Baer
John and Elizabeth Hjalmarson
Irv and Ellen Hockaday
Joan Horan
Lamar and Rita Hunt
Beth Ingram
John and Trudy Jacobson
Nancy L. Kain
Jerry and Bonnie Kelly / Kelly Family Foundation
Debbie and Bob Kipp
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Kirk
Phil† and Judy Kirk
Mrs. George J. Korbelik
Carol and John Kornitzer
Howard Lay
Benny and Edith Lee
Carl Manning and Dana Fields
Edward P. Milbank
Lyman and Sally Ott
Dr. Ron and Donna Patton
Dr. and Mrs. Larry W. Piebenga
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pollock
George and Wendy Powell
Joe and Susan Sims
Tom Smeed and Cathy Fisher
Barbara and Burt Smoliar
Randy and Mary Ann St. Clair
Bill and Marilyn Taylor
Michael A. Waterford
Sarah Ye

CRESCENDO CIRCLE $5,000 - $9,999

Dr. and Mrs. Keith W. Ashcraft
Donald and Margaret Austin
Lee and Ellen Baty
Ruth Beedle
Don and Anne Belinger
Dr. Irene Bettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Kipton R. Blue
Tom and Judy Bowser
Thomas and Mary Beth Butch
Frank and Debbie Byrne
Michael and Diane Dark
Paul and Lynn Douthat
Steve and Jenifer Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. James and Francie Flynn
Mark and Nancy Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Green, Jr.
Edmund and Michiko Gross
Alex and Sarah Hancock
Jamie and Bush Helzberg
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Higgins
James M. Hobbs II and Grace Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Hodgdon
Bernie and Sally Jezak
Mr. Charles Stevens Joss, Jr.
Dr. Andrew Kao
Herb and Nancy Kohn
William and Linda Kornitzer
Diane Krizek
Lois Lacy
Hugh and Betty Libby
Tim and JoLynn Locke
Elaine and Benjamin Mann
Lorraine and Norman Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James E. McGraw
Mike and Jan McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Moffett
Donald J. Mrozek and R. Scott Dorman
Pam and Jim Nolan
Michael and Sherri Odell
Mr. Barry and Mary Jo Price
Sidney and Jeannine Richison
David and Cheryl Rittman
Mr. and Mrs. William Scheerer
Pete and Annette Sherrow
Louis and Sharon Smith
Dr. Mark P. and Lisa K. Snell
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Souder
Mr. Michael Stern and Ms. Shelly Cryer
Gregory and Barbara Storm
Jeannine Strandjord
Linda H. Talbott, PhD
Stephen and Linda Taylor
Ursula Terrasi and Jim Miller
Wayne Thompson and Melanie Merrill Thompson
Dick and Kay Thomson
Randy and Leslie Treas
Stephen and Jennifer Watts
Jerry and Tammy Wood

OVERTURE CIRCLE $2,500 - $4,999

Allen and Janet Agron
Barbara and Richard Atlas
Richard and Emily Ballentine
Dr. Richard Barohn
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Battmer
June Beaver
Rebecca Benson
Stacy and Jim Bernard, Jr.
Mrs. Helma Christiane Bloomberg
Harvey S. Bodker
Joe and Jan Boggs
Loren and Sallyann Boline
Barrett and Cheryl Brady
John and Laurie Burgess
Von and Trish Byall
Gene and Joanne Cable
Paul P. and Betsy E. Cacioppo
Randal O. Carlson
Conan Castle
Bruce and Cathy Cavitt
Lawrence Cohen and Donna Gould Cohen
Theodore and Alice Ginott Cohn Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund
Martha B. Comment
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ron Crabbs
Suzanne Crandall
Una Creditor
Paul and Katherine DeBruce
Betsy Dickson
Luke and Chrystal Dlabal
Richard and Maureen Durwood
David and Amy Embry
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Faerber
Michael Fields
Janos and Kelli Glynn
Jean and Moulton Green
Tom and Charmaine Hall
John and Bernice Hamra
Zack and Susan Hangauer
Gary and Linda Hartman
Robert and Caryn Hastings
Christopher and Marsha Haufler
Larry and Marcia Hawk
Richard and Julie Hellman
George and Barbara Heymach
Harry and Gail Himmelstein
W. A. and I. L. Hirsch
Nancy Panzer-Howell
Dr. Randall and Doranne Hudson
Allen and Carol Jenks
Tom and Madeline Johnson
Cliff and Diane Jones
Marcia Karbank and Joe Smuckler
Bob and Carol Keeney
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Kathy Kem
David and Nancy Kenner
Drs. John and Ann Kenney
James C. Kogel
Gary and Arlene Krings
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Laster
Peter and Enid Levi
R. Lyle Linder
Wayne E. Lippman
Fred and Dee Lyons
Don and Martha Maddux
Greg and Terri Maddux
Michael and Anita McRobert
Fred L.† and Virginia Merrill
John and Jackie Middelkamp
Mr. Bart and Master Griffin Miller
Janet and Phil Miller
Richard and Bernadette Miller
Drs. John and Geri Neuberger
Gudrun S. Neumann
Michael and Susan Newburger
Edward Newcomer
Tom and Betty Nicholas
Jeannette Nichols
Steven and Karen Pack
George and Suzy Pagels
Dick and Norma Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Pilchard
James and Rebecca Pruett
Dave Raffel
Pat Raffel
Terry and Susie Reardon
Bob and Carolyn Reintjes
Dennis and Palle Rilinger
Chuck and Michelle Ritter
Clark W. Rogers
Bob and Charlotte Ronan
Paul Russell
Matthew and Heather Ryan
Wesley Sandness
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Scharf
Lisa and Charles Schellhorn
Jack and Errett Schmid
James and Katherine Schorgl
Richard and Sherilyn Seitz
Bill and Ginny Shackelford
Pradeep and Haruko Shukla
Robert and Laura Sidlinger
Mark and Deborah Simmons
Martin Smoler and Suzanne Shank
Rick and Betsey Solberg
Joshua and Jane Sosland
Morton and Estelle Sosland
Robert and Lynne Stark
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Starks
Linda Stevens
Terry and Pam Sullivan
Mark and Monika Swanson
Sven and Julia Sykes
Darrel and Linda Thomssen
Marylou and John Dodds Turner
Rev. Paul Turner
Patricia Werthen Uhlmann
Dr. Angela and Mr. Patrick Valadez
Bob and Merrill Walz
Dale and Diane Wassergord
Harold Way
Margie Weber
Howard and Irene Weiner
Claire and Russell Wilson
Priscilla Wilson

† In memoriam