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Inside Music Series

Master classes for performers of all ages.

Charles and Virginia Clark

Inside Music Series

The Kansas City Symphony’s Inside Music Series features a variety of artists presenting master classes, lectures and informal conversations.  These unique educational events are ideal for students, teachers and listeners alike. Master Classes listed below include performances by multiple students/student groups and a Q&A with the guest. Questions? Contact Stephanie Brimhall at


Double Bass Virtual Master Class

Members of the Kansas City Symphony Double Bass Section hosted an online Virtual Masterclass this summer. Open to all ages and ability levels, the class included students from across the country. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with our Kansas City Symphony professionals to receive one-on-one feedback, critiques and encouragement as they learn and grow as musicians.

Special Thanks to the Kansas City Symphony Double Bass Section:

Jeffrey Kail, Principal
Evan Halloin, Associate Principal
Brandon Mason
Caleb Quillen
Richard Ryan
Nash Tomey