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Beethoven podcast

Beethoven Walks into a Bar

Kansas City Symphony Podcast

Celebrating great composers

Beethoven Walks into a Bar

Take some time for pure joy when you listen to David T. Beals III Associate Conductor Jason Seber, Principal Flute Michael Gordon and Education Manager Stephanie Brimhall sit down and talk Beethoven, music, musicians, friends and more. An inside glimpse on what drives the passion of your Symphony, plus laughter, love and music.

1. Hey handsome, what are you drinking?

In our debut episode of Beethoven Walks Into A Bar, our hosts ask a critical question that has stumped musicologists for years: We know Beethoven spend oodles of time with a drink in his hand… what was it?

Hear that question answered from Associate Conductor of the Kansas City Symphony Jason Seber, along with Principal Flute Mike Gordon and Education Goddess Stephanie Brimhall, along with a discussion of the orchestra, what its like to be stuck at home due to the pandemic, and much more.

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2. Adam Schoenberg’s bar is closed.

A look into composer Adam Schoenberg; then a hilarious exploration into some one-hit wonders

Jason, Stephanie, and Mike quiz each other on one-hit wonders of classical music, (and rather embarrassingly for Mike, some pop wonders too). The gang also looks at the music of young composer Adam Schoenberg, and continues the ever important discussion of cocktails and music.

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3. Is playing a concerto like drinking alone?

Stephanie, Mike, and Jason chat about what its like to be a famous classical music soloist. Joining them this week is Sean Chen, one of Kansas City’s premiere classical music soloists.

The gang recommends the following listening to accompany this episode:
Beethoven Symphony No. 4 – Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Sabine Meyer plays Mozart, Debussy and Takemitsu with the Berlin Philharmonic and Claudio Abbado

Spotify playlist including those recordings HERE.
Also recommended are the following sites:
Sean Chen Piano
Digital Concert Hall

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