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Your world-class Symphony includes musicians from all over the globe who call Kansas City home.

Making KC Home

Eighty (80) full-time musicians comprise our orchestra.

Making KC Home

Eighty (80) full-time musicians comprise our orchestra.

Every chair is auditioned, attracting sometimes hundreds of candidates from all over. Our auditions are completely blind – meaning candidates play behind a screen. In fact, the audition committee does not know or see the candidates until a winner has been named!

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Music Director

Matthias Pintscher


Chorus Director

Charles Bruffy

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Michael Gordon
Principal Flute, Marylou and John Dodds Turner Chair
Shannon Finney
Associate Principal Flute
Kayla Burggraf (On Leave)
Utility Flute and Piccolo
Kristina Fulton
Principal Oboe, Shirley Bush Helzberg Chair
Alison Chung
Associate Principal Oboe
Matthew Lengas
Oboe and English Horn
Raymond Santos
Principal Clarinet, Bill and Peggy Lyons Chair
Trevor Stewart
Acting Associate Principal Clarinet and E-flat Clarinet
Silvio Guitian (On Leave)
Associate Principal and E-flat Clarinet
John Klinghammer
Third and Utility Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Ann Bilderback
Principal Bassoon, Barton P. and Mary D. Cohen Chair
Thomas DeWitt
Associate Principal Bassoon and Contrabassoon
David Sullivan
Acting Principal Horn, Landon and Sarah Rowland Chair
Elizabeth Gray
Acting Associate Principal Horn
Stephen Multer
Associate Principal Horn Emeritus
Julian Kaplan
Principal Trumpet, James B. and Annabel Nutter Chair
George Goad
Acting Associate Principal Trumpet
Shea Kelsay
Third/Utility Trumpet
Evelyn Carlson
Principal Trombone
Porter Wyatt Henderson
Associate Principal Trombone
Jahleel Smith
Bass Trombone
Joe LeFevre
Principal Tuba, Frank Byrne Chair
Timothy Jepson
Principal Timpani, Michael and Susan Newburger Chair
David Yoon
Acting Principal Percussion
Justin Ochoa
Acting Associate Principal Percussion
Katie Ventura
Acting Principal Harp