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Come and Sing a Song with Me

Music and Lyrics

Come and Sing a Song with Me

Written by Gary Fry, “Come and Sing a Song with Me” was commissioned by Kansas City Symphony Principal Librarian Elena Lence Talley to honor immigrants and the power that music has to bring us together. Enjoy learning the music and lyrics at home or in the classroom.

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Interested in parts for your ensemble? Contact Elena Lence Talley at or (816) 218-2644

“My father, Julio Garcia Lence, and his family came to the U.S. from Cuba and built a new life in this great country. In honor of him, and all of the immigrants, past present and future, my husband, Doug Talley, and I are delighted to commission this new singalong for the Kansas City Symphony to perform on their outstanding educational concerts. Students and teachers, this music is for you I know that great things happen when we all make music together! As we sing about finding joy in harmony, remember that the same sun shines on all of us — the way we look, where we came from, the language we speak, and even what we can do and cannot do, these are just details. I am counting on each one of us to send good out into the world. And the best way I know to send good out into the world is to make MUSIC!”

— Elena Lence Talley, Principal Librarian, Kansas City Symphony