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Ticket Exchanges

Ticket Returns & Donations

We're sorry you cannot attend!

We’re sorry you are unable to attend our concert. Ticket donations and exchanges can only be processed one day before the performance.

Individual concert purchases are non-refundable. Exchanges may be made for a per-ticket fee based on availability at least 24 hours prior to the performance. Or, if you are unable to attend a concert, you may donate your tickets to the Symphony at least 24 hours prior to the performance. If your tickets are resold, you will receive a contribution receipt for the value of the resale.

Returning or donating your tickets at least one day before the performance will ensure that another audience member will be able to enjoy the concert. Exchanges may only be made for shows within the 23/24 Season, ending June 23, 2024.

Call (816) 218-2632

Call our automated Ticket Return Hotline 24 hours a day. If you’d like to exchange your tickets, please call at least 24 hours in advance of the performance. If you’d like to donate your tickets, please call at least 4 hours prior to any performance you cannot attend. We will make these tickets available to patrons who otherwise would not be able to find a seat. You also may be eligible for a tax deduction for those tickets you return.

When leaving a message, please leave your name, customer number (on the left side of your ticket preceded by A#), the date of the performance, and the number of tickets you are returning.