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Donor Stories: Jeff and Cheryl Adams

For both of us, music was a part of our lives growing up. Cheryl played percussion in high school, and Jeff’s parents often had classical music playing in their home. Jeff played French horn growing up and first attended a symphony concert in high school, where he heard Isaac Stern play.

We have worked internationally for much of our lives. After 10 years of mission work in Central America, we moved back to Kansas City. Our first Kansas City Symphony concert after our return was so powerful. To hear live orchestral music for the first time in a decade moved us to tears. Since then, attending the Kansas City Symphony has been a regular date night that we always look forward to.

We have chosen to give to the Symphony because it is a simple way to ensure that our children grandchildren will have a quality symphony for years to come. The arts and music have enriched our lives in powerful ways. And, beyond the personal benefit, we believe that the arts and music add both tangible and intangible value to the community. We think it is important to show support for the arts community personally.