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Reviews of our Jonathan Leshnoff recording project

Read the reviews from across the country and around the world

MusicWeb International UK – John Quinn

“This is a significant release and it has increased my admiration for the music of Jonathan Leshnoff. He writes excellent and very accessible music. This is an excellent (piano) concerto. It’s thoroughly entertaining, though in saying that I don’t want to give the impression that the music is in any way superficial. Such is not the case; the work is inventive and very accessible and in the second movement depths of feeling are plumbed. Leshnoff gives his soloist every opportunity to shine, both in terms of overt virtuosity and also in terms of lyrical episodes. The orchestral accompaniment is full of interest and incident and complements the solo part most effectively. Joyce Yang and the Kansas City Symphony deliver a superb performance, full of sparkle and assurance. Jonathan Leshnoff’s Third Symphony is a fine, eloquent work and I admired it very much. He could scarcely have wished for better advocacy than is provided by these performers.”  READ THE COMPLETE REVIEW HERE