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Nova Symphony Ball Honorary Chairs & Committee

Thank you to this incredible group for their time, passion and hard work.


It is in every way our pleasure and privilege to honor Paul and Linda DeBruce at our historic 2024 Symphony Ball, for leading our efforts, furthering our evolution, and championing our aspirations.

Paul DeBruce founded DeBruce Grain, Inc. in 1978, and served as Chairman and CEO until the company was sold in 2010. For more than three decades, Paul led a team of more than 600 dedicated employees who built DeBruce Grain into an international, industry-leading agricultural and grain-trading firm with $6 Billion in annual revenue across 75 locations through the United States and Mexico. His leadership as a Director or Trustee of many businesses and non-profit organizations has resulted in a lasting impact for the Kansas City community.

Linda Woodsmall-DeBruce has focused her efforts on education and the arts. Her early teaching career led her to earn an advanced degree in child development and apply herself to expanding learning resources, including working on PBS projects with Sesame Street. With her daughter, she founded an importing business that offered income-generating opportunities to craftswomen in developing countries. Linda serves as a Trustee on a variety of local charities and the Guggenheim Museum in Venice.

Together, Paul and Linda have found common cause. In 1989, Paul established The DeBruce Foundation. They have built it to be a national foundation with the mission to expand pathways to economic growth and opportunity. The Foundation is committed to helping individuals unlock their potential when choosing and changing careers, starting with youth and working across the lifespan. By developing solutions such as the Agile Work Profiler and partnering strategically, the Foundation is a catalyst for innovative projects that solve issues faced by our community and beyond.

The DeBruces have demonstrated extraordinary generosity through funding, service, and mentoring, supporting more than 100 deserving organizations. In 2023, Linda and Paul DeBruce were named Ingram’s Philanthropists of the Year.

We extend our boundless gratitude to the DeBruces for their extraordinary service and collaboration, which make it possible for the Ball to provide support for our wonderful Kansas City Symphony and its service to our community.


The Symphony League of Kansas City is a dedicated community of women who offer their time, passion, and unique skills to serve our orchestra primarily by presenting the annual Symphony Ball.

League members are a diverse group from a variety of professional and service backgrounds that first joined forces 82 years ago specifically to raise funds for the Symphony. All share a love of music and enthusiasm for helping the Kansas City Symphony advance and advocate the art of classical music to enrich our community.


Barbara Haviland, Chair
Silvy Brookby
Pam Bruce
Deanna Diebolt
Amy Embry
Jenny Erdman
Melanie Fenske
Pam Fleischer
Bonnie Frederick
Verna Granger
Robin Houghton
Jana Larsen
Tami Louiselle
Mary Leonida
Jenny Manka
Trish Mayer
Wendy Melland


Jackie Middelkamp
Karen Mische
Donna Patton
Kelly Privitera
Rachael Sabates
Margaret Sadler
Kathryn Schorgl
Tricia Scott
Lisa Sirridge
Lora Smith
Ann Sundeen
Julie Sykes
Melanie Thompson
Marylou Turner
Amy Volini
Karen Yungmeyer